Is your organization looking for a fun and effective team building activity?

Do you need a way to encourage improved communication and cooperation between colleagues?

Which Way Out Knoxville offers a unique way for teams to interact with each other while finding new ways to think outside the box.knoxville team building group

Escaping one of our games requires all the elements of good teamwork. It is the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together and improve your team’s ability to work together and be entertained in the process.

  • Communication

A true key to success for any team activity, our escape rooms require individuals to communicate about clues and solutions throughout the game. Learn how to ask for help and see how hoarding information works to the detriment of the entire team.

  • Leadership

With the clock ticking you’ll see the natural leadership styles within your group come to the surface. Quickly and clearly identify potential future leaders within your team.

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  • Creative Problem Solving

Can your team see the multiple uses for the seemingly random everyday objects in the room? Get a fresh perspective to solve difficult problems in new ways.



  • Conflict Management

Discover how to understand dynamics in conflict. Learn how to be an effective mediator, breaking down barriers to communication and teamwork.

  • Team Performance

Find how creating a positive atmosphere leads to better employee morale, renewed commitment to the team, and increased trust and communication – all to produce phenomenal results in your organization.

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