What is an Escape Room?

Escape games are the next evolution of live-action, interactive entertainment. Being locked in a room may not have been your first choice for a fun night out before – but it will be now! Teams have just 60 minutes to find the hidden clues, solve the mind-bending puzzles, and discover the elusive secrets – and the way out.

Do you have what it takes to get out in time?

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Casino Heist

Casino Heist

Solve the mystery. Find the loot. Get out in time.

$500,000 is missing from the Stardust Casino. According to surveillance cameras, suspected thief William John Brennan left the Stardust empty-handed at 1:30 PM and hasn’t been seen since – leading many to believe the loot is still somewhere inside. The impatient casino manager has given your team of crack investigators has just 60 minutes to find the lost money and make it out of the casino before another team gets their shot at finding the money – and claiming the reward.

Professor escape room map

The Professor's Challenge

Can you pass The Professor’s final test?

The ailing but brilliant Haim A. Player Phd., Professor of Ludology is desperate to find a protege to assist him in creating an amazing new game and carry on his legacy. The world’s foremost authority on the history of board games, he has traveled the world with the dream of creating his own game.

Not surprisingly, he decided to choose his protege by challenging game enthusiasts to solve unique puzzles while secretly watching to determine who could be the one! To win this honor, your team must solve his puzzles within 60 minutes. If you succeed, you will become famous and carry on the legacy of the great professor Haim A. Player.

Team Building

Communication & cooperation – as essential in our game rooms as they are in your board room. Which Way Out Knoxville provides a fun yet challenging way for teams to learn to work together like never before. We’d love to design an escape experience just for your employees. Contact our office for more details.



Go beyond standardized tests and textbooks – problem-solving based education takes the emphasis off of memorization and challenges students to apply what they have learned. Escape rooms are a perfect extension of that learning, allowing students to take risks, learn from their mistakes and build problem-solving confidence.

Weddings and Events

Let us make your special event even more special by hosting it at Which Way Out! Make your event private by booking all the tickets for any given room. Want to add a special clue for the guest of honor to find? Contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your booking and we’ll customize the game just for you!


Think you have what it takes to take your video game or board game skills to real life? Escape games are what you’ve been waiting for! Which Way Out Knoxville is fun for people of all ages and skill levels. If you’re creative and up for a challenge book your game now!

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